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Welcome to The Natural Journey For Life! A space where life, health and all things natural are uplifted and celebrated.

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The Loc Journey Has Begun!!!!

Hi Folks! I have an announcement to make!!!! Drum roll please! I’m starting my loc journey! I’ve done everything under the sun from color, cut, long, twist, faux hawks, etc….now it’s time to step into

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diet changes

Allergy Free Naturally!

Allergy season is upon us! For the first time in 38 years (yep….ya girl is 38 years young) I have seasonal allergies! What the what????? Since recently moving to the state of Virginia I’ve been

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21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge!

It’s time to go green!!! Spring is fast approaching and many yards are turning green.  Flowers are starting to bloom and the earth is waking up.  This is the PERFECT time to start a green

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TBT: Juicing Q&A

Hey Family!  It’s Thursday….so we’re throwing it back to 2016! How many of you want to start juicing but don’t know how, what juicer to use, where to get it, or what to juice???  

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Kitchen Flu Remedy – Ginger Lemon Elixir

It’s cold ya’ll!!! With winter comes runny noses, sinus headaches, colds and the ultimate worse – THE FLU!  Yuck! Did you know that the flu shot was 10% effective this year?  I have seen multiple

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3 Day Juice Fast

Cleanse and reset your body in three days! This fast is perfect for a quick and easy nourishing fix to ridding yourself of all the toxins.