3 Lessons From The Well Diva Weekend Retreat

Hi Folks! I just returned from the Well Diva Weekend retreat in breathtaking Sedona, Arizona! The weekend was sponsored by Renee M. Simpson (Registered Dietician Nutritionist and Chef) owner of Well Dive Lifestyle.  You may remember me writing about my cousin Renee for the Parasite Cleanse I did a few years ago and  more recently the Detox For a Diva program I led a 3 day juice fast for last year.  The weekend was AWESOME! I met a number of BEAUTIFUL souls that are now my “Sedona Sisters” and experienced the wonders of nature and healthy living in action.

The Itinerary:

Friday: Welcome session


  • Free day (Some ladies did a 5K, others went to the spa and some went on the Pink Jeep Broken Arrow Tour)
  • Photo Shoot with the wonderful Larry Lindahl
  • Renewal Session/Dinner at L’Auberge de Sedona


  • Pitayo Session (combo of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates) led by the wonderful Marcia Leftwich!
  • Juicing Demo/workshop led by me!
  • Plant based cooking demo led by Renee!
  • Brunch

3 Lessons:

  • Others will treat you the way you treat your self! Have high standards for taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Be open to new situations and people – you never know who will become a dear friend, supporter, and advocate.
  • When you are living in your purpose and truth things will work out in your favor – even when things look dim.  Walking in faith and believing that God has your back is necessary for growth!

What’s next?

  1. I’m going back to Sedona tomorrow! Just joking! I’m working on a cooking class based on chick peas!
  2. I will also stay in contact with my Sedona Sisters and visit a few in various cities across the country.
  3. I will stay motivated and continue the journey to accomplish my goals to help others find safe, natural alternatives to promote better health.
  4. I will keep you guys posted on when the next Well Diva Weekend will be! You gotta join us!

Peace and Blessing!


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