RE POST: 3 Ways to Cleanse your MIND!

Mindset is key.  February 2017 is here! Where are you with your “resolutions” or goals for 2017?  Are you feeling down about choosing goals that seem to be too lofty?  Are you getting bogged down by work and not finding time for yourself to BREATHE? I know I am! Here are 3 tips I shared way back in the summer of 2013 that are STILL VERY RELEVANT today!  Time to detox your mind so you can stay on the right track.


Hi Folks –

This summer I’ve been experiencing physical detoxification.  I first started out by  dry brushing my skin and that led to the 30 day raw food challenge.  Both forms of detoxification pulled toxins out of my body, gave me more energy, provided a break for my digestive system and changed my overall appearance (my skin cleared up, I lost some jiggle and water weight and toned up my muscles).

Both challenges increased my will power and resolve to “close the deal” no matter how tough it got (Raw Food Land….not a Happy Place to be) , gave me confidence, and a sense of achievement. Our bodies are not the only part of us that need cleansing.  Our minds are a powerful part of our beings.  We need it to make decisions and function properly.  But just like our bodies, when our minds are clogged with junk we cannot think straight, perform mental tasks optimally, and achieve inner peace.

Some people struggle with stress, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, and paranoia.  All are forms of mental toxicity.  In order to be WHOLE and FREE we must detoxify our MINDS.  Here are 3 ways to do it:

1. Be POSITIVE.  Instead of always noticing the negative things first, re-wire your brain  to think of the positive.   Instead of saying: “I’m tired of my job…it’s too much work for not enough money”…..remember: many people do not have jobs.  Be THANKFUL that you have a job, and find ways to make the day better.  NEGATIVE words and thoughts are TOXIC!

2. Stay away from things that IMPLANT negative vibes into your mind.  This includes movies, music, t.v. programs and people.  I am a Christian and filling my mind with lessons from the Bible has helped me ENORMOUSLY over the years – especially most recently.  Fill your mind with GOOD things, then the toxins won’t have anywhere to go but out.

3. RELEASE the past.  The past is the past….You cannot re-wind the clock and change anything.  Stop dwelling on former mistakes, issues, bad situations or hurt feelings.  Release all of it, and resolve to have a better present and future.

I’m still in the process of detoxifying my mind.  I mainly struggle with choosing positivity first and releasing the past.  I will overcome both with God’s grace!

Can you think of other ways to detoxify your MIND?  Please share!

Peace and blessings!

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