30 Days of Green!

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What’s up good people!!!?? In the last few months my waistline has grown…..then I had the nerve to jump on a scale.  That’s when I woke up.  The scale read 156 lbs.  The last time I was at that weight I was pregnant with Caleb. A friend at work expressed a need to loose a few pounds as well, so we decided to go on a 10 day Green Smoothie Challenge.  Ten days turned into 30 since the results were so positive! Over the next few weeks you are going to hear a few testimonials from women who are taking on this  challenge with a vengeance! We are expecting to hear about how they shed some pounds and inches, increased energy and felt more comfortable in clothes. The challenge went from 2 to 30 people! We are pumped!! 

On your own:

Weight loss can be difficult when will power is low and you focus on only loosing a certain number of pounds and not thinking holistically about what lifestyle changes adopt to make the weight loss sustainable. This challenge is great because there are 30 of us and the numbers are growing!

The Power of Greens:

I’ve always respected the power of leafy green vegetables. but this challenge as made green power REAL.

The list of common leafy greens is quite long: collard greens, kale, Swiss chard, chicory, escarole, and romaine lettuce to name just a few.  In Green For Life author Victoria Boutenko goes in to depth on the importance of greens and the benefits green provide from protein, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals and omega fatty acids. If you’re new to greens I’ve also included a link to my green smoothie guide where you can find 12 recipes and information on how important greens are to a healthy diet.

The Challenge:

The challenge consist of replacing one or two meals a day with a green juice or smoothie.  The recommendation is to eat clean and eliminate dairy, processed foods, and meat.  If you’re not able to do that, stick with the meal replacement and cut down on those items as much as possible. 


  1. Weight loss
  2. Reduced cravings for simple carbohydrates
  3. Increased energy
  4. Better self image
  5. Happier cells

Call to ACTION:

If you’re up for it join in!!! We start on December 1, 2016!

I cant wait to share the exciting stories from the group!

Let's get ready!!!! Another round of the 30 DAYS OF GREEN challenge is coming up!!! Who's on board? #greenchallenge #greensgivelife #greensmoothie #greenjuice #drinkyourgreens #weightlosschallenge #weightlossjourney #weightlossgoals2016 #theyearaintova #loveyourself. #plantstrong #healthandwellness #wellnesscoach #wellness #vegan #vegetarian #thenaturaljourneyforlife #Zahra #blogger



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