Allergy season is upon us! For the first time in 38 years (yep….ya girl is 38 years young) I have seasonal allergies! What the what?????

Since recently moving to the state of Virginia I’ve been plagued with a burning throat, itchy eyes, and aggravation! I feel like my body is being attacked. When I was in my twenties – I had to stop consuming dairy milk, because when I drank it, it felt like I was getting a cold. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling for the past 2 weeks. Yuck! This sucks!!!

I have a hard time taking over the counter medication and prefer natural kitchen remedies for ailments. So, I’ve pulled out the herbs, water and fresh food and I’ve been going to WORK on boosting my immune system.

This collection of recipes will help boost your immune system which will help fight seasonal allergies the natural way.

Watch the free webinar I did with Coach Nicole Twyman founder of Fit Fyne and Fabulous.

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