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The Juice Journey

My intent was to go to sleep as soon as I got in from a long day…but my crazy friend inspired me to write about juicing. I first started juicing about 4 years ago…but it

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Zahra who??

I started this blog last year…in May of 2012.  Wrote one post and then just abandoned the whole thing until a few days ago.  I’ve been going through so much I could not keep silent

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The Artistic Journey

Art is in the eye of the beholder….it comes in the form of paintings, culinary arts, wood work, drawings sculptures, architecture, needlework, origami, dance, poetry and photography to name a few. I dabble in drawing and

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The Health Journey

Ughh…my knees hurt! I was a runner in college…love to run! I started back running last year and had to stop due to my knees giving me so much pain….I ran a 5k mud run

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