Detoxification: Liver and Onions Part 3

Hi Folks!

I’m on week three of my pre flush regimen.  So far so good!  I have not experienced any debilitating detox symptoms like in the past.  I started having headaches last week for about 5 days straight.  I think the toxins were getting loose and  revved up! I increased my water intake and hopefully flushed them out.

I also have less bloating and can fit into pants that I was not able to wear just two weeks ago!!!!! Awesome sauce!!!

I’ve  added probiotics back in to my regimen because the bloating I was experiencing prior to starting the flush was connected to my gut flora being out of control.  Probiotics help put the gut flora back into balance and decrease the daily bloating (gas forming) parties that bad bacteria like to have.  Ever seen your belly grow 3 more sizes through out the day leaving you feeling like a pig in a blanket?   Well that was me.

Gut bacteria

I’ve also been taking a natural supplement that helps move my bowels.  When you detox, toxins are eliminated from your body by various mechanisms…..bowel movements are one way.  And since the liver is an important part of digestion, you have to keep the bowels moving.  This is another product  from Herbal Bush House I’ve added to my daily regimen.

Natural colon cleanser: cape aloe leaf, barberry root, cascara sagrada (say whaaat??), garlic bulb, rhubarb, black walnut, cayenne pepper

My cravings for refined sugar have decreased and I’m able to quench my sweet tooth with fruit and hibiscus and cinnamon tea.  Alright now!!  I’m taking baths 2-3 times per week, exercising regularly, consuming more living foods and dry brushing my skin.  Overall I’ve been able to clean up my diet and I’m excited about the second part of the flush although I’m still a bit leery of what detox symptoms I may face.

Stay tuned!! 🙂

Peace and love!

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