14 Day Plant Based Challenge!

I have learned over the years that a diet rich in plant based whole foods is the BEST WAY TO EAT! Whether you call yourself a vegan, a vegetarian or any other type of “….arian”…eating more plants can do NOTHING for you but HELP.  I’m using caps because I am a TRUE WITNESS to the power of plants.  My goal over the last few years has been to increase my family’s intake of plants and MAKE IT TASTE GOOD!!! I am NOT a fan of carboard tasting plants….it’s such a waste of energy.  I believe a healthy diet should TASTE GOOD.

Not only are plants good for you, but growing them is less taxing on the environment than manufacturing animal products.  If you’re thinking…..”I’d love to eat more plants, but it seems boring”……THINK AGAIN! There are so many combinations of grains, herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits that will keep you interested and excited about every meal.

Here’s my chai oats with apples, seeds and nuts. Fiber rich!!!!

Plant based diets are beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Your liver gets a break from having to process a whole bunch of foolishness!

  2. Your digestion is faster (i.e. you will not be constipated).

  3. You will consume more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber).

  4. Your chance of getting chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure decreases.

  5. You will loose weight when you stop eating processed foods.

  6. You can bring the body into balance by eliminating acidic food.

This challenge is for you if:

  1. You want to learn how to fix delicious and nutritious meals for your family.

  2. You want to stop eating vegan and vegetarian “meat”.

  3. You want to change your food lifestyle.

  4. You want to release yourself from the bondage of processed food.

  5. You want to challenge yourself to be a better chef.

  6. You want to loose weight.

  7. You want better elimination (i.e. you’re tired of being constipated).


What’s included in this challenge:

  1. Private Face Book support group where you can get coaching from me, interface with other participants and ask unlimited questions.

  2. Meal plans (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) with recipes.

  3. Shopping list

  4. Four live cooking sessions where I will be making food for breakfast, lunch,  dinner and snacks.  These sessions will be streamed on Face Book Live, recorded and emailed for viewing later (this is helpful for those who do not have a Face Book account).

  5. Exercise plan to help get your metabolism going.

  6. Clean Eating Guide

Click here to read about The Fundamental Mom – Natasha Cowan’s experience with going plant based!

Here is what former participants had to say about plant based eating:

  • “I tried new foods!”

  • “I did not feel “heavy” after eating a meal.”

  • “I realized I can live with out chicken!”

  • “Bowel movements are not as foul when you’re not eliminating the remains of dead animals.”

  • “I did not feel the need to take a nap after lunch while at work.”

  • “I got to eat by myself because my children were all turned off by my no-meat diet.”