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Goal: Boost fruit and veggie intake

My goal this year is to help people (young and old) boost their fruit and vegetable intake.  Consuming fresh juices and smoothies is one of the BEST ways to get it done! I find it easier to drink my greens than to chew on salads all day to get the nutrients I need.  Plus  – consuming fruits and vegetables in a liquid state makes the nutrients more bioavailable. 

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3 reasons you need fruits and veggies:

  1. Fruits and veggies are filled with vitamins and minerals that our bodies need  for essential functions.  There are even nutrients that scientists haven’t even identified that are present in these natural gems.
  2. Heard of constipation?  Most of us do not use the bathroom regularly.  This is partly due to the lack of fiber in the standard American diet.  Fruits and veggies are FULL of fiber!!! Best laxative on the planet!
  3. Fruits and veggies contain compounds  that can fight cancer, regulate diabetes, and eliminate inflammation!

Free Juicy Gift!

When you subscribe to the Journey you will receive 8 juice and smoothie recipes created by yours truly!  Every recipe has been tested and passed with flying colors!

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If you are ready to boost your fruit and veggie intake click the link below to get your free juicy gift!

Peace and joy!


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