Going Meatless With The Fundamental Mom

We have been blessed to have a testimony from Natasha Redrick  – The Fundamental Mom. She will be sharing her experience with the 7 Day Meatless Challenge we completed in August 2017.  Because of her success, I know you will be inspired and excited enough to join us on January 15th for the 21 Day Meatless Challenge!

Take it away Natasha!


In August 2017, I participated in the  Meatless 7 Day Challenge as a way of showing support to a friend and fellow entrepreneur. What an exciting and challenging experience it was!  As a southerner growing up with meat at every meal, I initially thought I’d definitely bitten off more than I could chew. Making the endeavor even more interesting, I made it a challenge for my family (hubby and kids included)! So off we started head first with green smoothies for breakfast to start our days! After getting adjusted to green smoothies, I looked forward to what my meal options would look like for both lunch and dinner. With the help of The Natural Journey For Life, through recipe suggestions and tips, I began to try a variety of beans and lentils that not only excited my palate but made me feel full and satisfied!

Changes started happening!

I slowly started to notice that our daughter, who once suffered from constipation, began to have regular bowel movements with no extra efforts via over dosage of greens, prunes, raisins and juice. The other noticeable change was her eczema had cleared to the point that it was almost non existent! Personally, I was most impressed with how I felt in terms of energy and being less bloated!

The aftermath: 

After the challenge, I decided to continue because it was going so well. The most life changing experience for me was after a follow up appointment with my general practitioner. After my doctor checked my blood pressure, she said wow your blood pressure is amazing! She asked what I had been doing because I had been on daily blood pressure medicine for over ten years. I happily and excitedly replied that I’ve been meatless for the past six weeks!!! She responded positively and surprisingly  said, “great keep it up and because your blood pressure is so great you can now take your meds EVERY OTHER DAY”!  This was such amazing news and has inspired me so much that I have continued my health journey and decided to eliminate all meat except fish!

Thank you The Natural Journey For Life for being the agent that catapulted my family’s health in a direction that has been beneficial to our whole body!

Natasha Redrick~The Fundamental Mom


Thank you Natasha for supporting a friend and fellow entrepreneur and getting an added health benefit to boot!!!!!!! Love! Love! Love IT!

The Fundamental Mom: 

The Fundamental Mom teaches principles that will lead to a more fulfilled motherhood and family experience.  As a wife of 13 years and a mom of 2 amazing elementary school aged children, she as a passion for moms and uses her experiences and knowledge to serve and empower them to get the most out of motherhood.  She has worked with moms and their children in the area of nutritional counseling and mentoring for over 13 years and brings a wealth of parenting information along with her. Natasha most recently hosted a “Stress Free Holiday Event” for moms in Atlanta where she taught and shared practical tips and strategies that prepared moms for an enjoyable, yet stress free holiday season.  In 2018, The Fundamental Mom will launch a one year coaching program designed to teach moms how to live and have more meaningful motherhood experience based on fundamental principles of value, voice and one’s village.  If you want more out of your motherhood experience and have a desire to get back to what’s most important to you as a mom, The Fundamental Mom is here for you!

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21 Day Meatless Challenge!

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