Hair Candy by Koosie: Are you living your dreams?

Hi Folks!  Do you know the reason why you were born?  What is your passion?  What do you LOVE to do?  More importantly can you make a living doing what you LOVE?  Today we are going to hear a testimony from Akua who we’ve featured before on The Natural Journey For Life.  She shared her hair routine and glorious curls with us last year!  We’ll she’s back to share her Hair Candy Journey. 

Many businesses start from someone seeing a need and then filling that need.  Usually it starts in their home or close to home.  My need:  cute and unique hair accessories for all ages.  How did I fill that need:  Hair Candy by Koosie. 

I realized rather late in life that I have a talent for certain art forms or mediums.  One of those is graphic arts.  And the one that I am following up on now is creating pieces of art for your hair using ribbons, remnant fabrics, and most importantly beads.  I started dabbling or experimenting several years ago with different methods and finally settled on a few that have really worked.

My favorite and most creative Hair Candy barrettes are the beaded accessories.  I think it allows me to show tons of creativity.  My creations are usually tailor made for my clients.  Clients usually give me their favorite colors or what specifics on what they are looking for and I bring back the most delicious morsels of Hair Candy.  My goal is to base each custom piece on someone’s personality.  I have a wonderful  and creatively weird sister.  So I use her for all of my experimental and wild designs.  Hair Candy for my older sisters are usually more conservative, though one loves tons of colors while the other just likes basic colors.  I enjoy the creative process.  Sometimes I have a plan and sometimes I don’t.  But starting out with pieces and putting those pieces together to create a unique piece of wearable art is wonderful!
Hair Candy for girls


Hair Candy for the adventurous
Hair Candy for the conservative!
I am a Federal employee who has experienced a very volatile employment year.  Because of this volatility I decided to really truly do what I love and put a price on it.  My goal is not to “Work for the Man” for the rest of my life.  I want to control my own destiny with God making the path clear.  I am still in the beginning phase.  But I feel motivated and hopefully will be more than a small business someday.

If you would like to purchase your very own Hair Candy by Koosie.  Shoot me an email at  And we can start the order process.  You can also look at some of my other pieces by going to Hair Candy by Koosie on Facebook.

It’s never to late to create!
Wow! Here is my Hair Candy!! Go and get yours!! Thanks Akua for sharing your Candy Journey!  We are born with gifts and talents and if we don’t use them are we really fulfilling our purpose?  I think not! I can relate to Akua’s story because I too have found my true purpose…and It’s not “working for the man” the rest of my life.
I’m the adventurous kind……here’s my Candy! 🙂
Have you found your passion?
Go get your Candy!
Peace and love!


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