In Pursuit of a Curl Pattern: Kiki’s Heat Break

Hi Folks! Kiki is back! 
Let’s get an update on her curl pattern pursuit.  Here is Kiki in her own words……

Ok, so it’s only Day 24 and I am 6 days early in taking the “boy” braids down.  I am doing some serious thinking.  As I am removing the braids, it is obvious that my hair is not long enough for a wet set.  It is still hot where I live and my straight – or damaged, as they say –  hair will not hold a curl.  I don’t think that my planned wet set is an option right now.  Am I taking these boy braids out too soon?   TOO LATE!  Why didn’t I just wait until 30 days like I planned?  Because I am impatient on this DARN journey that my sister has inspired.   But where is she now?  In a different state…. So, I’ma have ta figure this one out.   Thanks for the support sis! I hope you read this!! 🙂

Taking the braids out…….


The boy braids are gone and it may look like I am smiling but that is not a smile.  It’s an eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , meaning “what the blankity blank have I gotten myself into?  What the blank am I going to do?”  I have no clue so I do what anyone would do – wash, condition and check it out, because heat is not an option…….. REALLY?  IS THIS REALLY POSSIBLE?


 This is how I look after a good wash/condition/detangle/deep condition and just plain ole hoping.

I got nothing!  LOL!  I may have 1/2 inch curl pattern growing in.  I have the same straight – or damaged, as they say – mess that I had on Day 1.  I am not worried though.  I understand that patience is needed for the journey.   Impatience is really not an option for this journey, is it?   I feel so lost at this time.   Since I was 10, I have been doing my hair and I always knew what I was going to do with it.  I have had many different styles, textures, and products.   I have been creative, ordinary, just me and I’ve worn hats, scarves, braids, and a  wig twice.    But I have never not (excuse that double negative) used any form of heat.   At some point from the time I washed my hair until my hair was completely styled, some form of heat was used.  I am searching through the crevasses of my mind, trying to discover how to not use heat on this head of Day 24 hair.  I don’t think that not using any heat it is possible.  So,  I resolve to use minimum heat and sit under my hair dryer on the low cool setting until hair is just dry.

I have long way to go!

Here is my 1/2 inch curl pattern…. my hair is dried now and YES, I have a long way to go to get 6 inches of curls.   The temptation to use heat is VERY HIGH at this point.  I am telling you, so high and then I turn around to see this….

Stalker Husband…..
Seriously, Dude!   Would you quit watching me? I have to laugh at this point.  His face just says what I have been thinking “blankity blank”.     So, I am thinking, whatever, I am blowing my hair and tomorrow I am going to have straight, soft, shiny and bouncy hair.   Why am I doing this and my sister won’t even return my phone calls?     I went into the bathroom and 5 minutes later this is how I looked…….
Ms. Hatti Mattie
 I went to bed looking like Ms. Hatti Mattie from the peanut farm.  I am moving on to Day 25.   I can’t tell you how I did it.  My sister has so inspired me that when hope is lost the residual effects of inspiration must be getting through!!!!!   I don’t have a plan for tomorrow but we will see what happens tomorrow when it comes…..Only Hope and Inspiration know……


WOW Kiki!!!  I’m loving the 1/2 inch of curls that I see…and poor HUBBY! He’s just trying to figure out what’s going on…..LOL!  Thanks for sharing your journey! Hang in there! What you are experiencing is common with women who decide to transition without doing the big chop.  I went through a VERY similar journey when I transitioned.  The interesting thing is that I had a chemical relaxer and Kiki’s hair is just heat damaged and very much like a chemical relaxer.  This is a good example of permanent heat damage.  To get the curls back….you gotta grow them in.

Any words of encouragement for Kiki??

Please share!

Peace and blessings!

5 thoughts on “In Pursuit of a Curl Pattern: Kiki’s Heat Break”

  1. Poor Kiki. I would chop it and rock it. But, only if you are not concerned about wearing your hair short for a long time. It isn’t as if you will ever be able to do anything with those strands. I’ve been there. Treat yourself to a nice scarf for the days when the short hair is wearing you down, but you would look sharp at all times and you wouldn’t scare the guy on the wall. If you say you will chop it, I will tell you what I do. Ardice

    • Hey Ardice! I tend to agree with you on the big chop idea…but Kiki is going to have to feel comfortable being spicy and sharp at all times. That’s how I felt when I chopped my off…spicy! It”s a big decision but it can make the transition easier

  2. LOL… LOL… OMG. Kiki you made my day girl. I feel you and am where you are sort of. The big chop is NOT easier and when your sis who inspired all of this is miles and miles aways we’re wondering What the …. were we thinking. LOL.

    • Hi Jeana! What products are you using now? I know it can be hard even if you do the big chop….the right products make a world of difference. Do you have a stalker husband too? LOL!

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