Juicing Made Easy: A Farmivore Review

Hello Family! Most of you know I’ve become a true blue juicer over the last year and a half! Juicing has become a part of my life and I love it! As you know juicing can be time consuming – from running to the market to restock to clean up -it’s an investment in time and money. One day a few months ago I was listening to a podcast about juicing and the featured guest was the CEO of a company called Farmivore.  Farmivore provides individuals with juicing kits.  The kits consist of  boxes of  locally sourced organic produce with  juice recipes.  A discount was offered for listeners of that particular podcast so I decided to try it.  The subscription was $39.95 for four kits per week.  Produce in a box delivered by UPS??? Hmmmm…..how would this turn out I wondered?

I was pleasantly surprised by my first delivery! The produce was fresh and I loved the juices.  There were two options to choose from: green juices and mixed juices.  I chose the mixed juice option.  Here are a few of my Farmivore juices:

    Ginger twist juice prep: Green giant juice courtesy of .
 Big red juice courtesy of . Beets, carrots, apple, oranges, and lime. Delish!  Juice prep!

Overall I liked the experience.  I don’t think I saved money, but it took the leg work out of creating juice recipes and running to the market for supplies.  Each juice made approximately two servings and I loved that the nutritional facts and  produce notes were on each kit.  I also appreciated that some of the fruit and veggie combinations were new to my palate.  The  recipes were filled with seasonal holiday treats that made it fun. I used the service for about three weeks.  I would recommend this service for those who need the convenience of the kits and live in areas where good fresh produce is hard to find.

Overall a great experience!

Have you tried Farmivore? If so – how would you rate the experience?

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