Lessons from the 7 Day Juice Cleanse

Yes!! Victory!!!! We completed the 7 Day Juice Cleanse! It was an enlightening and cleansing experience.

We experienced all of these emotions during the 7 days……add your own caption to each one!

On days 1 through 4 we eliminated processed foods, junk foods and fried foods. The Juice fast started on day 5 and went on for 3 days. We also had to exercise 30 minutes a day, drink lots of water and get PLENTY of rest. The goal in the first 4 days was to prepare the body for the fast. Exercise, water and rest can all help facilitate the detoxing process.

A lot of times we do not eat right, drink enough water, move enough or REST enough which keeps our bodies in a state of UNREST!

Wow! What a ride!

Here is what the group learned:

  1. “Preparation is key! If you don’t prepare for the day….you will be bound by the waft of French fries that pass you by!”
  2. “When you release foolish foods, eat more fruits and veggies and give your digestive system a break your bowels will most likely start doing the Macarena.”
  3. “I realized how processed foods drain my energy & clarity. I also learned how quickly I get use to feeling miserable instead of staying away from bad food choices.”
  4. “I learned to not run from beets and especially celery which I never touch. I do now I will add them to my blends.”
  5. “I learned that this feels great, but it’s been challenging.”
  6. “Fasting on a regular basis will be helpful.”
  7. “I see how food centered I am!”

14 Day Plant Based Challenge

Our next challenge is to focus on PLANTS! We are continuing the journey to better digestion by embarking on a meat free, whole food plant based diet! Click below to learn more about the challenge and sign up!

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