Let’s Get Juicing!

Hey Folks! The new year has begun! What goals have you set? Being healthier is on the top of most people’s resolution lists.  One of the things that has improved my health journey is becoming a juicer. Juicing and making smoothies has become a huge part of my life and here is why:


5 reasons why I love juicing:

  1. Because it’s  a great way to consume a lot of nutrients in just one glass! How many of us really consume the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals?
  2. I can drink my daily requirement of dark leafy greens easily.  Greens have been given a bad rap for being bitter and hard to chew.  When you throw dark leafy greens into a blender or juicer the whole game changes!
  3. My family benefits from the extra nutrition.  My 4 year old Caleb gets so many mystery goodies into his little body without me having to beg and plead.  He has actually started asking for “green smoothies”.
  4. It’s a way to educate your family about various ingredients and make nutrition fun. Especially when they help create the juices or smoothies.
  5. You can use a juice or a smoothie as a meal replacer.  This has helped me shed some pounds.

IMAG6326Remember juices and smoothies are very different. The act of “juicing” mechanically separates the liquid component from the solid component of a fruit or vegetable.  A smoothie mechanically blends everything together.   Both have a place in my life.   I’m preparing some videos for you that will go into juices vs. smoothies in more detail so stay tuned.


If you’re interested in starting to juice and make smoothies to boost your goodie intake grab the Juice Guide below.  It highlights the difference between juice and smoothies, provides information on equipment, tips and great recipes.

Please let me know if you have any questions!  I’m excited to offer this new resource.  I’m on my way to fulfilling my purpose! Stay with me folks!!!!

Peace and love,


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