Pop Up Time!

I attended my first pop up shop/festival last week.  It was a gorgeous day and I learned that I REALLY need to work on my 10 second pitch.  I met some awesome vendors – Will You Be Made Whole was one of them! I also bought a few fancy sunglasses….courtesy of Sunnie Glaore! Every experience can teach you something…and I learned  a lot that day!

The Merchandise:

What was I selling? Thanks for asking….Granola!!! One of my smart snacks that will keep you energized and satisfied.  All the children kept coming back to the table for more samples (winning).  One gentleman kept saying, “it tastes so healthy…..”.  I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or happy about his response.

Why do you like granola?

I love the fact that granola is so versatile. You can add it to cereal, fruit, yogurt or eat it plain.

Get your own bag!

Now you have the chance to imagine you were at the pop up event! Click below to purchase your own delectable bag (s) of granola.  Make sure you tell me what flavor you want!


Peace and blessing!

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