Processed or Fresh?

Nutrients are simple, they exist in the highest amount in fresh whole food.  When you add heat or pressure to extend the shelf life (how long it can stay on the store shelves), you remove nutrients.

Last year my son Caleb was exposed to the normal, common fruit cup.  Fruit in a plastic cup that you buy from grocery store shelves – you’ve seen them.  You’ve probably bought them before.   In our home we buy fresh fruit, cut it up and then put it in a bowl. But because he wanted to be like other children, he decided to eat a fruit cup.  Instead of eating the fruit he  ended up drinking all the juice – go figure!

Let’s compare a processed peach fruit cup and a fresh peach.

 Processed Peach Cup:

  1. Peaches are grown in the orchard
  2. Peaches are picked
  3. Shipped to factory
  4. Processed into a fruit cup
  5. Packaged
  6. Shipped to store
  7. Put on store shelf
  8. Mom picks in up and puts in shopping cart
  9. Mom gets home
  10. Child eats fruit cup

NOTE: the cost of the fruit cups include packaging, and other supply chain costs. Sometimes processed food is cheaper than fresh food, but a healthy body is priceless.

In comparison a fresh bowl of peaches takes these steps:

  1. Peaches are grown in the orchard
  2. Peaches are picked
  3. Transported to store or farmers market
  4. Mom picks and puts in shopping cart
  5. Child can eat it on the way home

NOTE: in peach season (summer months) you can get pretty good deals! But good health is priceless right? I like good deals, but want to avoid health care costs as much as possible! I don’t hesitate to spend over $5/bag of  fresh fruit because I know how nutritious it is.

5 less steps!!! Plus other benefits:  more fiber, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals and TASTES so much BETTER!!!!!

I see processed fruit in a can, jar or cup as dead and fresh fruit as alive, vibrant and full of life!

To consume more fresh fruit try smoothies or a fruit platter.  See a DELICIOUS smoothie recipe below and get the maca root featured in the recipe by clicking here. Blenders, knifes and other items that make fresh fruit bowls easy and fun  can be found here

Peaches in particular are GREAT sources of vitamin C, fiber, minerals and are touted to boost immunity and digestive health.  They can also prevent stress and anxiety (SAY WHAT!) and are good for your skin!!!

So – what will you buy next time you’re in the grocery store??

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