Raw Garlic and The Head Cold

Hi Folks! I’ve just encountered my first cold of the year. It was a humdinger and I didn’t even see it coming.  At noon last Wednesday I felt a little scratchiness in my throat.  By 5pm that very day I could barely swallow due to the pain and my voice was nearing Barry White tones.  I was hoping it was not strep throat and immediately went to the grocery store to pick up my medication.  Natural living medication that is.  First on my list of concoctions was a garlic honey elixir.  Can you smell that freshly grated garlic? Next you will see my cold timeline and the natural medicine I took to combat each stage.

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Garlic honey elixir: garlic, honey,
lemon juice, cayenne pepper


Day Symptom Natural Medicine
1 Sore throat (very painful to swallow) lemon water, garlic honey elixir
2 Throat not as sore, coughing, severe sinus pressure and congestion (head and chest) garlic honey elixir, cold and flu herbal tea, elderberry cough syrup, vitamin C juice
3 No more sore throat, more coughing, a little less congestion, more sinus pressure garlic honey elixir, cold and flu herbal tea, elderberry cough syrup, vitamin C juice
4 More coughing and congestion.  Expeller stage (raw nose, tired of coughing etc.) cold and flu herbal tea, green juice, elderberry cough syrup
5 Less coughing and congestion. Appetite has returned! cherry smoothie, lemon water
6 Even less coughing and congestion alkaline water (to flush out residual mucus)


Here are a few of the concoctions and the ingredients:

1. Garlic honey elixir – Get a cup or glass, grate garlic (or ginger), mix with honey, fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper (I eyeball everything…measurements are usually not done for this elixir)

2. Cold and flue tea  – elder flower, feverfew, hyssop, wild cherry bark, winter green, horehound, ginger, boneset, and clove.   I’ve learned to put my taste buds on strike while drinking this tea…..it’s quite bitter.  But it works!!

3. Vitamin C juice –  cranberries, oranges, tangerines, ginger and apples

4. Green juice – kale, parsley, spinach, pineapple, orange, and  honey

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Why are natural remedies (medication) better for you?

A lot of folks say natural remedies don’t work and go straight for over the counter (OTC) relief.  What prevents me from doing the same thing is the following:

1. OTC products contain toxic baggage.  When your sick (cold or flu) toxins need to be released, not retained.  This concept applies to food you eat too.  If you’re sick a Big Mac will not help you.

2.  Living foods are powerful healers and allow the body to build itself up and not just mask the symptoms.

3. All of the remedies/concoctions I listed above have immune boosting properties.  Each substance is packed with known and unknown goodies that can massage our bodies back to health

4.  OTC products contain isolated elements that only address symptoms.  Whole food has the right balance of nutrients that has more of a lasting effect on your body.

I choose garlic over the common cough syrup EVERY TIME! What about you? What are the home remedies  you use to fight a head cold?

Peace and love!

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