Scarves and Head Wraps

Hi Folks!

I have used scarves and head wraps as my go to “cover ups” for bad hair days or to change up my look instead of hats like Kiki.

I am realizing with shorter hair, my technique and type of wrap has had to change.  Today I’m going to show you my current head wrap looks.  I’m hoping to have some videos that will demonstate the technique uploaded later on….so stay tuned!! 🙂

First let me begin by saying the shape (width and length), texture and flexibility of your wrap of choice will make a huge difference in the type of “wrap” that you can fashion.  I also purchase MOST of my wraps from the fabric store…yes the fabric store.  Why? Because you get a variety of styles, textures and patterns to choose from and it’s VERY economical! I went on a fabric store run the other day and got 6 wraps for under $30. 

For example:  1 yard of fabric was $9.99.  I got 1/2 yard and spend $4.98 on one scarf.  Now I also scoured the clearance racks (50% off) and got two scarves for just $1.50 (@ 1/2 yard). 

Fabric store finds….there were quite a few afrocentric styles…so I picked up a few!
More fabric!

Here is what I purchased (see below).  Note the bright accent colors! I purchased 1 full yard of the Green scarf ($9.99).  All other scarves were $1.50 –  $4.98.  Whoop whoop!

Here are scarves that I had before….you can see the colors are more muted and I have the basic (black, brown, olive and blue).  The patterned scarves were given to me…and the plain (brown, black and olive) scarves were purchased from the fabric stores years ago.

Here are some of my recent looks:

The Kente Cloth Back Bun

Since this cloth was hard to manipulate due to it’s thickness and rigidity, I used a hair tie to secure the bun

The Head Band Wrap

This is the first time I’ve attempted this style….I like it.  Based on the flexibility of this fabric it was VERY easy to form this into a “head band”.

The Side Turban:

Love this look! I only wish the turban knot was a wee bit bigger! First time for this one too.  The dimensions of this scarf were hard to deal with and the turban style was the only look I could do.  I could possibly do a back bun version with this scarf too.

Are these looks you can do?

More to come!!!

Peace and blessings!



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  1. I think I would like to try the head band with the pompadoure that would be cute with my big hair. I think I would also like to try the side bun, but not sure how to do it with all the hair that i have. I have been wearing a top bun on the top of my head the past few days and may be able to use a scarf for that. I will be on my way to the fabric store!!!!!

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