Slamming Smoothie Contest – Green Delight

Hi Folks! We’re on to round number 4 in The Slamming Smoothie Contest! Our next contender is Danike Etufugh and her smoothie is called Green Delight. 
Green Delight Smoothie:
Spinach (frozen) 
Green d’anjou pear
Pineapple (frozen) 
Watermelon (chilled
1 tsp super food blend powder (hemp, cacao and maca)
 Almond milk
Chia seeds
This smoothie contains the following allergen: tree nuts (almond)
Green Delight by Danike Etufugh

Superfood blend – ingredient in the Green Delight smoothie


Thanks again Danike! This is a power packed smoothie with vibrant color! I love pineapple and watermelon together.  Add in some greens and maca root and you’re truly in for a delightful treat!
Stay tuned for more!
Peace and love!

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