Spring Cleaning – 3 Ways to Clean up Your Diet!

Spring is here!

The Spring season brings a newness to the atmosphere.  Plants begin to bloom and color returns to lawns and parks in the form of veggie gardens and flowers and trees. People become more active and music starts filling the streets.  A common tradition that takes place in the Spring time is “Spring cleaning”.  Spring cleaning is when all the windows open up, the closets get cleaned,  old stuff is thrown away and many people have garage sales to make a few bucks to get ready for summer vacation.

Spring is also a time when diets change.  Optimally, our diets should change with the seasons. Winter food is for keeping us warm and Spring food is to give us energy and get us ready for the summer heat.  The phrase  “clean eating” is becoming more popular and refers to abstaining from unhealthy processed junk food.  When your diet is “clean” you’re primarily consuming minimally processed whole foods like beans, fruits and veggies close to their natural form.  So, when Spring hits it’s time to clean out your pantry, refrigerators and freezers.

3 Ways to Clean up Your Diet:

  1. Make a decision.  Eating clean is a DECISION.  Just like cleaning out your closets and getting rid of clothes you haven’t worn in years.  You have to be intentional about changing your eating habits and kicking junk food out of your diet.  The first step is to not put the processed and junk food in your grocery cart.  If you don’t buy it, you probably won’t eat it – at least as much.  Make out a grocery list omitting the cookies and chips and stick to it! Focus on fresh fruits, fresh veggies, seeds, legumes, whole grains and herbs.  Choose whole food over processed food like substances
  2. Learn how to make healthy meals in under 30 minutes. Once you know how to put a meal together and get comfortable with the steps it takes to be more efficient you’ll be more successful in maintaining a clean diet.  Eating clean takes preparation and intent.  You may have to alter your lifestyle a bit to allow for more time to prepare healthy meals. But YOU ARE WORTH IT! Eating better can keep you out of the HOSPITAL. YES….I’m using caps for emphasis.  It pains me to see so many people suffering form diseases and conditions induced by eating and drinking the wrong foods. Quick and easy recipes help too!
  3. Eat and drink GREEN.  Look around and notice how the grass goes from brown to green.  Observe how the trees go from brown and scraggly to green and fluffy because of the beautiful leaves.  Green is the color of spring. Green means life!  Green foods (kale, lettuce, beans, apples, etc.)  are full of nutrients that your body craves.  Fill up on greens at every meal (yes – even breakfast).  You’ll see a huge difference in your digestive system and body image.  Why eat brown food when everything in nature that is surrounding you is turning green? Get your green smoothie guide here!

Once you decide to eat better and clean up your diet, equip yourself with the right methods and tools, then load up your pantry and fridge with healthy whole foods! Let me know how I can help – we’re on this journey together! Our next cooking class – Lentils and Things – is April 30th, 2017 at 3PM EST live and live streaming on Facebook.  Find out more  here.

Peace and love


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