Spring Cleaning – 3 Ways to Clean up Your Diet!

Spring is here! The Spring season brings a newness to the atmosphere.  Plants begin to bloom and color returns to lawns and parks in the form of veggie gardens and flowers and trees. People become more…

The Snacking Journey: Nut and Seed Bars

Hi Folks – The month of November  is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).  Blog Her has launched a challenge that consists of posting a blog article every day in November.  I’m off to a slow start, but I’m joining the challenge nevertheless!  Challenges (self induced or otherwise) give me a much needed motivational boost.  I’m a competitive person by nature and challenges keep me ticking.  This is the first writing challenge so I’m quite excited and a bit leery about keeping up (especially since I’ve already lagged behind)….but my engines are revved and I’m ready.  I have no theme…so the posts this month will be somewhat random. 

National Blog Posting Month

Now let’s get started! I am a true blue snacker.  If there is a crinkly bag in the house I will find it and eat what’s in it.  That’s the struggle…..potato chips, candy bars and cookies are my weakness so I’m always looking for guilt free alternatives.  I fell I love with the Kind bar a few months ago and decided to create my own version from scratch instead of spending precious pennies on the manufactured bars.  Here’s how I did it.