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3 Ways to Reboot for the New Year 2015

Happy New Year!!!!! Happy 2015! With every new year resolutions are declared.  Most have to do with losing weight and changing eating habits.  I have once again fallen into step with Mr. Tom Foolery and

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Detoxification: Liver and Onions Part 3

Hi Folks! I’m on week three of my pre flush regimen.  So far so good!  I have not experienced any debilitating detox symptoms like in the past.  I started having headaches last week for about

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The Health Journey: PMS – friend or foe?

Ladies, ladies, ladies!  Most of you probably read this article title and guffawed at the audacity I had for questioning if  PMS could even be considered a “friend”! For most women “that time” of the month

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Confessions of a Naturalista

Hi Folks!  I consider my self a “Naturalista”.  Not just because of how I wear my hair (which is what the term is mostly used for), but because of my personal philosophy on what living

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