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Self Care

Love Principles

Happy New Year!!!!!  Welcome to 2018! I hope the first three days of the year have treated you well! Last week I found myself in a difficult situation.  I was surrounded by toxic noise.  I

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Happy New Year! Time to Detox!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL! I don’t know about you but I’m happy we’re moving into a new year!  I have some lofty goals to accomplish and I’m ready for the challenge. Starting off with

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The Parasite Cleanse – Part 2

Hi Folks – I cannot begin to tell you how tumultuous these last two weeks have been.  I need a wooo sah moment or just a simple vacation!!!! I started theparasite cleanse two weeks ago

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Two Week Juice Challenge – Week 2

Hi Folks! The Two Week Juice Challenge is on it’s last leg.  But there is a resounding cry to keep it going….so we will!  If you are interested in joining the group please let me

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Detoxification: The Juice Fast

Hi Folks! This is day #2 of the juice fast.  I’m hanging in there. But it’s tough!  Yesterday was the first day and I had horrible headaches for most of it.  When I increased my

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Detoxification: Liver and Onions Part 4

Let the flush begin!!! This week is all about the FLUSH!  I spent the last 4 weeks  preparing  for this.   I’m  finally going through with the liver flush. Here is what this week will consist

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