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30 Day Raw Food Challenge (Part 5)

Hi Folks….we are ALMOST FINISHED with this challenge (8 more days to go).  I’m having mixed emotions.  On one hand I’m impressed with how I’ve been handling the challenge (sticking to the regimen VERY well)

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30 Day Raw Food Challenge! (Part 3)

I’m still living in Raw Food Land and things are progressing nicely. Emotions, thoughts and physical symptoms have ranged from being really hungry to extremely satisfied. Or totally exhausted to having enough energy to potentially run a 10K.   I’ve

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The Juice Journey: Detox by Juicing!

Hi Folks! Last night I took part in a juicing Q&A session sponsored by Soul Food Therapy, where it is Juicy June Month.  It was great! The guest was Kareen (a dietician) of  I am Eating Right. 

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