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Processed or Fresh?

Nutrients are simple, they exist in the highest amount in fresh whole food.  When you add heat or pressure to extend the shelf life (how long it can stay on the store shelves), you remove

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Free Juicy Gift!

Goal: Boost fruit and veggie intake My goal this year is to help people (young and old) boost their fruit and vegetable intake.  Consuming fresh juices and smoothies is one of the BEST ways to

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Slamming Smoothie Contest – Green Delight

  Hi Folks! We’re on to round number 4 in The Slamming Smoothie Contest! Our next contender is Danike Etufugh and her smoothie is called Green Delight.    Green Delight Smoothie: Spinach (frozen)  Green d’anjou

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The Juice Journey: Kale Pear Juice

Hi Folks! Do you like kale? What about pears?  Well if you do, this juice is right up your alley!    Here’s the recipe: Lacinto Kale (1/2 bunch) Celery ribs (6) Oranges (6) Pears (3). 

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