Caleb’s Corner: Allergy Free Food List For Toddlers

Hi Folks! We’ve been on this allergy free journey for over three years now! Wow! Hard to believe but it’s true! I want to share a list of allergy free food items that are a big part of Caleb’s diet.  As a reminder he has been diagnosed with multiple protein allergies and cannot have the following: dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, oats, soy, barley, rye….and I think that’s it! Although I feel like I’m missing a few.  Anywho, if you are a parent or family member of a child who has a lot of food allergies this list will prove to be very helpful.  In our healing journey we’ve uncovered an extensive list of what he can eat.  His diet is also pediatrician and herbalist approved! 🙂