Kitchen Flu Remedy – Ginger Lemon Elixir

It’s cold ya’ll!!! With winter comes runny noses, sinus headaches, colds and the ultimate worse – THE FLU!  Yuck! Did you know that the flu shot was 10% effective this year?  I have seen multiple

Immune Booster – Carrot Cranberry Juice

Tis the season! Tis the season for colds, the flue, viruses and sinus infections! YUCK! Who loves a good cold??? No one! Here’s a juice that will boost your immunity before a cold hits and

Heavenly Hibiscus aka Spicy Sorrel Tea

I have found a great tea that satisfies my sweet cravings in the afternoon! Fist pump!! I actually said “N-O” to my friends Ben and Jerry, and “Y-E-S” to the alternative…… I’m calling it the Heavenly Hibiscus aka Spicy Sorrel Tea!