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Kitchen Flu Remedy – Ginger Lemon Elixir

It’s cold ya’ll!!! With winter comes runny noses, sinus headaches, colds and the ultimate worse – THE FLU!  Yuck! Did you know that the flu shot was 10% effective this year?  I have seen multiple

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Plants are Cool: Sage – the Cure All

Hi Folks! I’m bringing back the Plants are Cool segment and tonight it’s all about sage.  Sage is one of my favorite herbs.  I love the way it smells and the flavor is sexy.  We

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Plants are Cool : Plantain The Anti-Poison

Herbal Bush House  is back to tell us about another wonderful creation in the “Plants Are Cool” spotlight.   I’ve posted about products that I’ve used in the past made by Herbal Bush House and they’ve

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Detoxification: The Liver

The liver is an extremely important organ. It is vital to our health.  Without it our bodies could not function properly.  I never paid much attention to my liver until I started on this natural journey. 

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The Health Journey: PMS – friend or foe?

Ladies, ladies, ladies!  Most of you probably read this article title and guffawed at the audacity I had for questioning if  PMS could even be considered a “friend”! For most women “that time” of the month

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