We Finished the 30 Days of Green Challenge!

WE DID IT! WE MADE IT! Despite the holiday pitfalls we made it through the 30 Days of Green challenge during the month of December 2016. Making it through this challenge was not easy, but…

The 3 – Day Juice Fast

Hi Folks! As a part of the Detox For a Diva program I coached and completed a 3 day juice fast.  Yep that’s right.  The plan was to drink nothing but juice for 3 days straight!  Raw fruits and vegetables along with herbal tea and vegetable broth was allowed if the participants absolutely needed something more.  Here’s an example of what I consumed on day #2.

Juicing Made Easy: A Farmivore Review

Hello Family! Most of you know I’ve become a true blue juicer over the last year and a half! Juicing has become a part of my life and I love it! As you know juicing can be time consuming – from running to the market to restock to clean up -it’s an investment in time and money. One day a few months ago I was listening to a podcast about juicing and the featured guest was the CEO of a company called Farmivore.  Farmivore provides individuals with juicing kits.  The kits consist of  boxes of  locally sourced organic produce with  juice recipes.  A discount was offered for listeners of that particular podcast so I decided to try it.  The subscription was $39.95 for four kits per week.  Produce in a box delivered by UPS??? Hmmmm…..how would this turn out I wondered?

Plants are Cool: Benefits of Cinnamon

Hi Folks! Holiday food preparations are in full swing and a spice that you will find in tons of dishes (traditionally more sweet than savory) is cinnamon! I’ve become more of a fan throughout the years and love adding it to my oatmeal, sorrel and apple pie.  My favorite dessert of all time: sweet potato pie  – just isn’t the same without it.  Cinnamon is more than just a dessert completing spice.  It has wonderful health benefits that I’m going to tell you about: