3 Lessons From The Well Diva Weekend Retreat

Hi Folks! I just returned from the Well Diva Weekend retreat in breathtaking Sedona, Arizona! The weekend was sponsored by Renee M. Simpson (Registered Dietician Nutritionist and Chef) owner of Well Dive Lifestyle.  You may

Caleb’s Corner: Horrifying Pleasure from Parenting Toddlers

Hi Folks! Today’s post was not planned as I have been flying by the seat of my pants for the last few months…but as my evening wore on and I got into the usual bath time battle with Caleb I felt impressed to vent…I mean write about parenthood.   Caleb is just about three and a half years old now.  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my blossoming youngster. Last year I wrote a post called: Terrific Madness that chronicled some of our two-year old parenting challenges.  Now he’s three and the Terrific Madness has turned into Horrifying Pleasure.

I have to chuckle at that description because many times I am horrified/floored by what comes out of his mouth and pleased at how bright, intuitive, expressive, sharp and witty he is all at the same time! Not only is he more fresh at three, but his energy levels are through the roof and he is becoming  quite rambunctious.  It seems like the three’s are worse than the two’s.  I’ve heard this sentiment given by other parents so again…I’m not in this ship alone, but he pushed my buttons tonight like never before.

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The Health Journey: PMS – friend or foe?

Ladies, ladies, ladies!  Most of you probably read this article title and guffawed at the audacity I had for questioning if  PMS could even be considered a “friend”! For most women “that time” of the month