YES! Scalp Fungus free for 5 days!

Hi Folks –  Welcome to our new home!!! As you know, I’ve been struggling with this pesky scalp fungus.  Many of you offered great advice and product ideas.  I heard everything from get medical treatment to various types of oils and natural remedies that were new to my journey.  The best thing about the feedback was that I realized I was not alone in my struggle! So after I received most of the feedback  and before I could try any of it I went to a hair party at a friend’s house.  It was really a hair spa day.  I was introduced to hair steaming, bentonite clay shampoo (yep…a mud wash for your hair) and an AMAZING all natural curl popping conditioner that we made during the party!!! 

Folks….after that hair spa, I didn’t see a flake for FIVE DAYS!  Yes…it’s in capital letters for emphasis.  Can you say: “party over here”!!!!???? I was so excited about my breakthrough and relief from the scalp  fungus…I decided to try and repeat the experience minus the hair steamer.  I don’t own one yet…but probably will soon.

Curl popping natural conditioner…look at that texture!!! Delicious!


Still Struggling with this FUNGUS!!!

Hi Folks! I thought I had the victory…I really did.  I’ve been trying the works, because I REALLY want to get rid of this scalp fungus NATURALLY.  I want to stop using non-natural (chemical) substances on every…