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Wordless Wednesday: Green Juice Collage

                           All green juice photos were taken by me and the The Natural Journey For Life crew! 🙂 Ooops….I wasn’t supposed to write anything! Enjoy! And drink GREEN! Peace and

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Slamming Smoothie Contest – Cherry Berry Heaven

Hey Folks! Our next contender in the Slamming Smoothie Contest is Chansi Coleman with a smoothie called Cherry Berry Heaven.  Not only did she submit a fantastic recipe she included some heath nuggets about the ingredients.  Check it

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Slamming Smoothie Contest – Green Delight

  Hi Folks! We’re on to round number 4 in The Slamming Smoothie Contest! Our next contender is Danike Etufugh and her smoothie is called Green Delight.    Green Delight Smoothie: Spinach (frozen)  Green d’anjou

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Slamming Smoothie Contest – Incredible Hulk 2

Hi Folks! The next submission is called the Incredible Hulk 2 by Rona Daniel! Mmmmm…..looks mean and VERY GREEN! Grrrrrrrrrr RRRAH! I see  it has you all growling! I can hear ya from here!  🙂Incredible Hulk 2: MangoKaleSpinachAvocadoBananaCinnamon1/3 cup

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