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2018 Wellness Programs

Welcome to The Natural Journey For Life! First thing first: just say NO to foolish food!!!!  We get SO caught up in foolishness of various kinds.  Work foolishness, relationship foolishness, parenting foolishness etc. I don’t

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Hello good people!!! I’m back with another COLOR CHALLENGE update! I’m a little late with posting the latest happenings with the Juicing and Smoothie group….but last week’s color challenge was PURPLE! Fruits and vegetables the

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The Food Journey: Raw and Delicious!

I ate some really delicious RAW food that I want to tell you about.  I attended a dinner at Original Herbal Remedies this past weekend and it was superb! If you are in the NYC area and are

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The Juice Journey: Citrus Kale Juice

Hey Ya’ll!  The sniffles are back in our house! It’s not me this time!! Thank God! 🙂 So I whipped up some powerful living juice to help fight the virus that has invaded our home. 

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