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Allergy Free Play Dough Recipe

The Quest For Allergy Free Play Dough: Hi Folks! On our quest to keep thing fresh and fun I decided to buy Caleb (my toddler) a pack of the timeless classic  – play dough.  Thankfully

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Caleb’s Corner – Soup for Days!

Hi Folk’s it’s been awhile since I’ve shared a bit of fun from Caleb’s life.  Since the last update he has turned three years old.  He is a wonderful soul that keeps us laughing and

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Caleb’s Corner: Banana Breakfast Remix

Caleb’s favorite fruit is the banana…..he would eat 10 in a day if we let him! For about a year, Caleb’s favorite breakfast has been “banana and chia” (chia porridge that is).  Welp, lately the

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