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The Ravishing Radish!

Participating in the CSA this year has opened my eyes and taste buds to a variety of veggies that I have never eaten. I feel a huge responsibility to use every bit of each week’s delivery. So

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Caleb’s Corner: Got Hemp Milk?

A few weeks ago a mother of a 12 month old who was recently diagnosed with dairy and nut allergies asked me about milk alternatives.   Caleb is allergic to dairy, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat,

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The Food Journey: Pumpkin Delight Smoothie

I’m squashing disease  by utilizing my Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) pumpkin!  First time making a smoothie out of pumpkin and it was DELICIOUS!   Pumpkin Delight Smoothie: 2 cups of pumpkin (raw or steamed) – I actually

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