The 3 – Day Juice Fast

Hi Folks! As a part of the Detox For a Diva program I coached and completed a 3 day juice fast.  Yep that’s right.  The plan was to drink nothing but juice for 3 days straight!  Raw fruits and vegetables along with herbal tea and vegetable broth was allowed if the participants absolutely needed something more.  Here’s an example of what I consumed on day #2.

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The 3 Day Juice Fast Saga

I had a couple of pitfalls along the way that you will see in the  video diary I kept below.  Each day I captured  and shared tips, progress and challenges!  I hope you learn something and are slightly entertained by my experience! Click the photo below to see what happened!


The Juice Fast Saga

The 3 Day Juice Fast Plan:

The  3 day juice fast guide complete with tips, recipes and a shopping list is now available for anyone interested in doing a juice fast.  Here’s an excerpt of the juice plan.

3 Day Juice Fast Teaser

Along with any diet or detoxification program please consult your health care provider before starting. Enjoy the recipes! Pineapple Crush and Herb Garden were my personal favorites!!

Peace and Joy!



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