The Hair Journey – Sealy Twist Up Do

I have come up with another style for my growing tresses.  This is the second up do I’ve created with my hair since the growing process started.  It’s always so exciting to be able to put a pin in it.  It breathes growth into the atmosphere!! 🙂 I love changing my hair styles and with certain lengths it’s not that easy to do. 

I call this style the Sealy Twist up do based on the thickness of the twists…and it makes me smile! I know you Color Purple fans out there can relate! Here is the process:

Step 1 –  Twist.  Yes…I’m looking real soulful in that bonnet…You should be glad I like you guys!! I’m showing you my private morning moments! 🙂


 Step 2 – Pin the back, leave the front top and front side twist down.


 Step 3 – Release the top front and side twists.  Then fluff and tease to add volume.




What do you think? I’m loving it! 

Peace and love!

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