The Hair Journey: The Freddie D Fro!

Hi Folks…I’m back with another hair style.  This one is call the Freddie D fro.  It’s affectionately named after the historical figure Frederick Douglas.  Namely because of the side part.  It got the name when a friend of mine joked that I looked like Frederick Douglas the first time I wore my hair this way.  All I was trying to do was give my Flo fro a twist. 

I will also share that I finally had the guts to wear this style to work.  I’ve been struggling with what styles are appropriate for work and which ones are not.  I’ve always considered the afro non work compliant…but with this much hair on my head…I decided to step into my uncomfortable zone and try it out.  I received positive feedback, and had to demonstrate 1) how long my hair really was by stretching out a piece and 2) show how I pat this Freddie D fro into submission.  LOL!

I honestly felt EXTREMELY LIBERATED that day!!! I had to pat myself on the back. 

Check it out!

Getting to the final result  (pictured below) consisted of these simple steps:
1 – picking the hair out
2 – making a side part
3 – forming a shape

Time: 10 – 15 minutes (tops!)

The first Freddie D Fro.  Notice the hair tapered at the neck.

Check out the side part!! That’s what makes this look so fresh! 

Here is the work version! The back is not as tapered, but still very shapely. 



Even if you have a short to medium fro, you can still style it with flair!  Be open to continue to explore new looks with every 1/2 inch of growth!! 🙂

Peace and love!

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