The Hair Journey: Tress Update #10

Hi Folks! The end of 2013 is upon us and I wanted to share my last Tress Update for the year.  Today I wore what I call the Free Flo Fro.  Sounds fun right? Well I picked out my freshly washed hair and did not pat my curls into a smooth shape as per the regular Flo Fro.  I just let it  all hang out!

 My current hair regimen:
1. Wash with Dr. Bronner’s Castille Tea Tree Oil Soap (LOVE IT)!
2. Condition with Beautiful Curls leave in conditioner (I partially wash it out)
3. Apply plain raw shea butter to hair while still damp to lock in the moisture (this softens my hair like you would not believe!)
4. Apply tea tree and rosemary oils (diluted with grapeseed oil) on my scalp (not pictured)
5. Style as desired. 
6. Depending on the flavor of the week (my hair style) I may wash it bi-weekly and co-wash once per week.

My curls are glorius!!!!!! I’m in LOVE with my naturally kinky curls!  Before I started this growing process I liked my hair.  Now I LOVE my hair.  I feel more in tune with what’s necessary to have a healthy head of hair. I am educated on what my hair needs and that empowers me to make it happen! I also  LOVE the fact that most of the ingredients I’m using are simple and NATURAL. 


Recap of 2013:
In 2013 I’ve experimented with  a lot of styles and products.  Some products were good…and some…not so good! But that’s a part of the journey.  Learning what works best for YOU.  YOU are your own hair guru.  No one should know your hair better than you.  See how my hair has grown this year??

What’s next?  MORE HAIR!!!!! 🙂

Peace and blessings!

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