The Hair Journey: Tress Update #7 – Curls and Hawks

Hi Folks! 

Today I’m going to share two looks with you. 1) wash and go curls using a new product and 2) my expanding faux hawk!

The curls:
I decided to start exploring more curl enhancing products.  This weekend I tried Kinky Curly curling custard.  It was $10.99 at Target.

The instructions on the jar for thick coarse hair (which is what I have) said to apply the custard when my hair was dripping wet.  So I did.  I’m not sure how much I was supposed to apply but I added a generous amount to sections of my dripping wet hair.  After applying it was white and pasty.  A few hours later it began to dry…..this is the result:

The Curling Custard Review:
I liked the curl pattern the custard  gave me.  My curls were defined and did not get hard. They were also more defined and smaller than when I used the Shea Moisture curling smoothie.  But 6 hours after application, it was still wet and goopy.  12 hours after application, it was STILL wet! I mean it was drier than 6 hours earlier, but still wet.   I didn’t like that part.  Maybe I used too much….And that’s the tricky part, making sure you use the optimal amount of product for your particular hair texture and length. 

I will try this product again and change the amount I use and see what result I get.  If my hair stays goopy for more than 3 hours…I’ma have to call it quits on the curly custard.

The expanding faux-hawk:
After my goopy curl experience I decided to rock my Flo fro for the rest of the weekend.  I added some flat twists this morning (which took 8 minutes) and was SO excited about my hair expansion!!!!! The pictures below compare the faux hawk I was rocking in June with this month! Wow!! See the growth? I’m even having a hard time picking it out and patting it smooth!

Faux hawk in June 2013
Faux hawk in August 2013

Yaaay growth!!!!!!!!! My flat twisting skills have also improved!! 🙂

I rocked the expanded version with pride at work today!  I’m getting out of my comfort zone…but you must admit this look, although a little edgy, is still very neat and work appropriate! 🙂

What do you think??

Peace and blessings!

4 thoughts on “The Hair Journey: Tress Update #7 – Curls and Hawks”

  1. The Kinky Curly Custard did not work for me. I tried it two years ago, it may work now, but when my hair dried it dried into a huge frizzy fro. Can you say horriffic! That’s when I realized I needed thick creamy curling products for my hair. Not sure why your hair didn’t dry. That sounds like a personal problem. Did you do a remake of the curl from the 1980’s? LOLOLOLOL

    • Thanks for your comment Akua! Yes…I suppose it is a personal problem and drives home the point of how the same product can behave VERY differently with multiple hair textures! I’ll try it one more time and see what happens!! I would love to create a homemade curl enhancer…hmmmm…..I have to think about that one!

  2. Akua, I also had mixed results. The Kinky Curly detangler works for me better. But, I am loving Twisted Sista right now. I can’t flat twist to save my life. SMH.

    • Hi Jenny – Maybe Twisted Sista will be my next experiment!! Flat twists so take time to get right…based on your texture, you may want to try thicker ones and see what happens.

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