The Juice Journey: Kale Pear Juice

Hi Folks! Do you like kale? What about pears?  Well if you do, this juice is right up your alley! 


Here’s the recipe: Lacinto Kale (1/2 bunch) Celery ribs (6) Oranges (6) Pears (3).  Simple!

kale, celery, oranges and pears

oranges and pears

kale and celery….and a pear

kale, celery pear and an orange


This recipe made about 4 cups of juice.

I was surprised at how much of the pears I could taste.  I honestly thought the flavors of the kale and celery would overcome the delicate pear juice…..but boy was I wrong.  This was a perfectly blended juice that stimulated my taste buds and filled me up until lunch time.

Pears are becoming my favorite fruit to juice and as I learn more about this delicate fruit, I want even more! Here are some cool facts about pears.

1.       Pears do not contain sodium but do contain substantial amount of potassium, which can help lower blood pressure.

2.       Other minerals pears contain include:  magnesium, iron, copper and manganese.

3.       Good source of fiber which can behave as a laxative.

4.       Pears can alkalize the blood, which is good for those who eat a lot of meat.  Meat is acidic and your body loves to be in the neutral zone. It operates best while in “neutral” Alkalizing foods provide balance.

5.       Pears are not as acidic as apples (less organic acid), but high in tannins which provide anti-inflammatory action.  This makes pears a good alternative to apples for those who can’t handle the acidity.

Kale Pear Juice

 Are you a pear fan??

Peace and love!

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