The Juicing/Smoothie COLOR CHALLENGE – GREEN

Hi Folks! This week is all about GREEN smoothies and juices!  Orange week went well.  The crew had some great recipes to share.  Click here to join the fun! Since some of the team members thought GREEN week would be easy we’ve asked everyone to expand their green vocabulary by using different/unique ingredients.  All shades are welcome! 🙂


I’ve used cilantro in all of my drinks this week.  Not only is it high in chlorophyll, but it can help remove heavy metals from your body.  Check out what I’ve been drinking this week:

Kale pear juice: kale, cilantro, apple, pears (bosc and cactus), savoy cabbage

Prep for green green juice (see next picture)

Green green juice: Kale, apples, ginger, cilantro, green cabbage, lemon

More greens full of goodness: parsley, chard, dandelion, dill and lacinto kale

Stay tuned for next week’s color challenge: PURPLE

Peace and love,

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