The Loc Journey: 3 Month Check In

Hi Folks!!!

I’m BAAAAACCCK with a 3 month loc check in!  I have been exploring different techniques and have been loving this journey! Check out my last wash and re-twist experience below:

Check out my journey from fade to locs!!!


I’m so happy about my growth.  I’m trying to embrace the beauty at every stage even though some days I look in the mirror and go: “what is happening”!!! Lol!   I’m embracing the process.  I chose not to facilitate the locking process by instalocking my hair using a crochet needle.  I want to see how my hair forms locs without drastic intervention.  So far so good.  I have started the interlocking process for the new growth because it keeps my hair from detangling as much after working out, but the ends are still not locked.

I’m always willing to learn new things so please share any tips, tricks or resources with me below!


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