The Loc Journey Has Begun!!!!

Hi Folks! I have an announcement to make!!!!

Drum roll please!

I’m starting my loc journey! I’ve done everything under the sun from color, cut, long, twist, faux hawks, etc….now it’s time to step into new territory.  Take a look at my hair journey over the last 7 years!

Also – I’ve decided to use as many  ALL NATURAL products as possible and  NO beeswax.

So far I’ve used shea butter, home made flax seed gel, various oils and plain old water! I have Sulfur 8 and which hazel in my back pocket for the itchies.   I’ve used Sulfur 8 twice and it’s helped immensely.  I’m 1 month into the journey and loving it! As I learn more about locs I will be sure to keep you updated!.

For those of you who have locs – please share videos, vloggers, bloggers and products that you LOVE!

Stay tuned!

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