The Rainbow Challenge

Well….the Rainbow Challenge is O-V-A! A few days after completing the 30 Days of Green challenge we stepped right into the Rainbow Challenge.  Every week we had to make various colored juices and smoothies.  It was a great challenge to learn about the benefit of consuming the rainbow and getting outside your comfort zone to discover new fruits and veggies you may not have tried before.

What we learned:

“I learned that I have to eat clean – my skin does not like junk! I feel better when I eat better. I need to find more healthy snacks because I either starve or cave. Next challenge lose 15 more pounds, tone up, and totally get off my eczema medication.”


“This challenge has a become a lifestyle for me. I have lost at total of 24 lbs and I just want to keep it going. I will be doing smoothies for breakfast as a permanent staple of my diet, a great way to start my day.”
I learned that I have a lot of work to do!”
“I learned that a new lifestyle takes effort and total commitment.”
Oh boy! I barely completed the ‘Rainbow Challenge’ but it was nice seeing everyone’s daily updates (learned a lot from the group). I’ve made green smoothies a part of my daily routine. Also, working out daily is part of my healthy living lifestyle. I feel great, more confident and love the results I’m seeing.”
“I’ve learned that although mine weren’t rainbow colored, I put colorful foods in the smoothies. It’s a great way to truly maintain your weight and consume your daily fruit and vegetable intake.”
I learned that I definitely have a problem eating away my emotions –  lol!  When the rest of my life is going well, it’s super easy to be healthy but my true growth will come when I’ve mastered these habits in tough times.”
“I learned that blending beets is not that bad….I also learned that I REALLY love my green juices and smoothies.  It was hard to not use a ton of sweet ingredients for the smoothies…..But it was fun to create vibrant colored juices and smoothies that nourished my body, mind and soul!”
Learning about yourself, cultivating the right habits and having the determination to learn and do better is all it takes to have a healthier life.  I love our Facebook group.  There is true support and a sense of accountability that is a catalyst for change! Love it because we’re stronger together! Can you guess which quote belongs to me??

Why the rainbow is so important:

Colorful fruits and veggies get their vibrant radiance from substances called pigments which also serve as health promoting nutrients like beta carotene in orange and yellow foods that promote hair, eye and skin health, chlorophyll in greens that helps to detoxify the body, and anthocyanin in red, blue and purple foods that behave as antioxidants scavenging free radicals.  Each nutrient or pigment serves our bodies in multiple ways. When you eat a diet full of colors you’re providing the body with a wide range of nutrients needed for optimal health.

Here are my favorite recipes:

What’s next?

A salad challenge! We are going to use everything we learned in the Rainbow Challenge to continue to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in our daily routines! The goal is to replace one meal with a colorful, hearty delicious salad.  Want to join us?? Check out the event page here. 

Peace and Blessings!

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