#TBT – We Finished the 30 Days of Green Challenge!

In 2016, I led a 30 day green challenge for my juicing and smoothie Facebook group….check out the post below to read about how we made it through! I think it’s time for another 30 day challenge so stay tuned!


WE DID IT! WE MADE IT! Despite the holiday pitfalls we made it through the 30 Days of Green challenge during the month of December 2016.

Making it through this challenge was not easy, but when you have a support group and accountability partners it makes it easier. Not only did we complete the challenge, we were able to grow our Facebook support group from 337 to over 550 members!! Say what?!?

We had a live session every week to check in with everyone’s progress, shared meal tips, smoothie recipes, and encouraged each other to keep going…..and it was energizing!

One participant had this to say:

My Personal Results:

I definitely loss inches around my hips, waist and legs.  I also was able to encourage and inspire people to do more for their health and wellness at a time of year, where treats, sweets and family feasts are at an all time high. 

My favorite recipe of the challenge:

What’s next:

The members were so pumped after the challenge ended…and a bit guilty from splurging during the holidays they wanted to keep the challenge going so we have now begun the Rainbow Challenge! Every week we will explore a different color smoothie or juice.  This challenge is meant to teach participants about various nutrients and emphasize healthy eating. Want to join us??? Check out the Facebook support page here.  This group keeps me on my toes….I love the level of participation and am proud to be a part of this healthy movement.

Join us on this nutrition journey!!!!

Peace and love!








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