What’s in my kitchen – the cabinet edition!

Hi Family!!!

Tonight I’m opening up my kitchen to show you what I cook with, what I make juice with, what I snack on and what I use for smoothies!!!! You are going to get a peek at what’s in my kitchen cabinets.  Eating healthy, or eating plant based food does not have to be boring, colorless or flavorless. So as we prepare for the 21 Day Meatless Challenge,  I will show you new things I’ve never used before and my all time favorites!

Hope you enjoyed that video!!! What I’ve learned throughout the years is variety is KEY! Cycling through new and different foods keep the creativity flowing in the kitchen.  Do you have similar ingredients in your kitchen cabinets? Please share below!

Don’t forget to join us on our 21 Day Meatless Journey that starts in a few days!!! 

21 Day Meatless Challenge!


Love and Joy!


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