Why is Hair So Important?

Hi Folks!  I have a guest post  tonight that  brings an extremely provocative view on HAIR to the dinner table.  Hair all over our bodies and the connection nature has to it will be explored in this article.   I hope you will read this with open hearts and minds.  I found that some statements made me question my own ideas about hair.

Mark P. is a natural enthusiast and herbalist.  Here he is in his own words.


Why is hair so important?

Facial Hair (nose, ears, eyelashes):

When you think of hair the first thing that may come to mind is beauty.  Long flowing locks that are shiny, soft, and straight.  Some folks still categorize hair as good or bad hair.  I even saw something online about different stages of hair, stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3 and so on.  Now I was asked to share something on hair so I’m going to talk about hair as I see it.   I always say nature has all the answers and is ever present when intelligent men look for solutions.  Ever look up as you pass through the toll booth and the top of the toll plaza is lined with fine wires sticking up at various angles? Or even in the mall parking lot at the top of those light poles.  They may likely have these same wires sticking up.  One of the main reasons for the wire is to stop birds from landing, eliminating waste or building nests all over the signs and lights. Now for those people that clip unsightly nose and ear hair remember that hair was put there for the same reason and that is to offer protection from insects entering your body and (worst case scenario laying eggs and multiplying inside of you).  Especially with your nose and ears being so close to the brain. Eye lashes are there for the same reason, to prevent some little fly from getting into your eyes. Hair also offers protection from dust and other airborne particles we may not see.

Nose hair removal…is it really necessary?
Ear hair…hope yours is not as full and fluffy!

The eyebrows were not only designed to divert water away from the eyes but to also stimulate the pineal gland. Ever had a suspicion about something or someone you saw or heard of?  Have your eyebrows been activated by raising up? The outer eyebrow goes up and the inner eyebrow goes down and you’re like “what the heck is going on here?” Now you’re on alert and start paying closer attention to this person.  “Okay…suspect is 5’4” about 160 lbs., blue suit, white shirt, red tie”.   Then facial recognition kicks in and you’re also looking for specific identifiers (like a pin of the American flag on his suit). So now that your pineal gland has been activated the next phase is sensing the energy that every living thing in this universe is vibrating.  Antennas go up in the form of the hair on your body hair standing at attention. Like hair standing up on your neck.  Now that all your antennas are up you should be picking up the suit’s vibrations.  If you are picking up a bad vibe then of course you will be more alert and aware of your surroundings and if the vibe is cool your body will relax.  But since we don’t listen to our bodies that much anymore we are blind to things like this because the professionals may say that it can’t be scientifically proven.  But Googling the situation for how to react is always on the table.

Eyebrow raise…..lol!

Underarm and private organ hair:
We all know that the lymphatic system plays a very important role in our body’s immune system. In your body’s lymphatic system here are over 200 lymph nodes that help fight bacteria to keep us healthy (since this article is about hair I’ll keep information on the lymphatic system high level).  The heavy bush that grows in these areas (underarm and private organs) work together with your lymph nodes as they breakdown and kill bacteria. The vast amount of hair that grows in these areas help remove some of the toxic waste that may reside in the lymph nodes. Hopefully your eyebrows are up right now and you’re thinking like a two year old and asking “WHY?” What other high energy parts are in these regions? You are right, it’s the breast, uterus, prostate, etc.  So in a world where there are so many toxins around us on a daily basis, why remove hair from parts of your body that were designed to help in so many ways? Come on people…..what in the world is manscaping?  And ladies the main reproductive organs are covered with hair for a reason (I don’t wonder why so many are having problems with conception).  I’m not saying that shaving the hair from these areas is the only cause of all their problems but it is definitely a part of the equation.  I’m not going to go too far with breasts but when we shave the hair from our underarms and use deodorants containing toxic heavy metals lumps will form because we are shutting down elimination channels.  By doing this we take a gamble that the other elimination sites can handle the extra load.
Is shaving armpit hair really the right thing to do???

Head Hair:
Now let’s talk a little about the hair on the head that everyone looks at. Question: is it me or do only Black people use the phrase “natural hair”?  I have never heard someone from Asia, Europe, Mexico, or Russia say that they are wearing their hair “natural”.  Remember your hair is an antenna to the universe! Yes, in our ancestor’s days hair styles were used to tell age, status and who the village healer was.  Moving forward, slaves leaving Africa had their heads shaved. This was to destroy identities and connections with their homelands.   Interestingly, even today all military personnel get their heads shaved. When the connection is lost or limited an individual can be controlled and programed  easier.  Hair defines who we are.  Now their universe becomes smaller and the level of consciousness drops to just doing their jobs and not thinking critically.  Without a doubt black people are the most spiritual people on the planet and because of this, ways to control and distort their self-image were created.  Namely by promoting hate of the natural coils and kinks that grew out of their heads.  Resolution to a “bad” head of hear, could only be found through chemical or heat treatments.  Chris Rock did a special on hair and there was a scene where they applied one of the more popular hair products (chemical relaxers) that my sisters and some brothers use on their hair to a soda can and it ate up the can. If it can eat through a soda can…what must it be doing to our bodies?  I’m going to leave you with this because this is supposed to be a short piece on hair and I’m just carrying on.  I can tell when the body is copper deficient because hair starts to turn gray. Copper is one of if not the best conductor there is. We know that a coiled antenna gets better reception than a straight one.  So I always say to people “don’t only look at the big picture as a whole”.  Look through, under, behind, on the sides and in every corner of that big picture. Love yourself and love your hair it means more than you know.

My Natural Tresses (2008)

I’ll leave you with this scenario:  Take any woman or man working in corporate America with a perm (chemical relaxer), shave their head and put them on a 30 day detox to remove those harsh chemicals from their bodies.  I guarantee their level of consciousness and awareness rise within 6 months and you will hear or see signs that they want to pursue their independent dreams loose the desire to work for others.   

Again, I encourage you all to love yourself and love your hair (all of it!).  It means more than you know.

Mark P.


That was heavy folks! Any questions/comments/concerns???  I have issues with keeping hair on certain areas of my body….not sure I’m ready to let all my hair frolic and live a life of freedom!!  I stopped chemically relaxing my hair years ago, because it was damaged.  After I went “natural”, I began to LOVE my hair and the ability to have such versatility.   I then realized the connection I have with my ancestors and heritage by choosing the natural journey.  Hair is a blessing and just like the liver, kidneys, heart and skin….it plays a vital role in being healthy.

Peace and love!

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