YES! Scalp Fungus free for 5 days!

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Hi Folks –  Welcome to our new home!!! As you know, I’ve been struggling with this pesky scalp fungus.  Many of you offered great advice and product ideas.  I heard everything from get medical treatment to various types of oils and natural remedies that were new to my journey.  The best thing about the feedback was that I realized I was not alone in my struggle! So after I received most of the feedback  and before I could try any of it I went to a hair party at a friend’s house.  It was really a hair spa day.  I was introduced to hair steaming, bentonite clay shampoo (yep…a mud wash for your hair) and an AMAZING all natural curl popping conditioner that we made during the party!!! 

Folks….after that hair spa, I didn’t see a flake for FIVE DAYS!  Yes…it’s in capital letters for emphasis.  Can you say: “party over here”!!!!???? I was so excited about my breakthrough and relief from the scalp  fungus…I decided to try and repeat the experience minus the hair steamer.  I don’t own one yet…but probably will soon.

Curl popping natural conditioner…look at that texture!!! Delicious!


Here is what the hair  spa consisted of:

1. Pre poo with coconut oil

2. Pre poo and detangling with the amazing curl popping conditioner

3. Hair steaming for 20 minutes

4. Rinsing out the  conditioner

5. Washing  hair with bentonite clay

6. Rinsing bentonite clay out  and twisting.

This is the process I tried to recreate at home (minus the steaming).  THANKFULLY I still had more of the curl popping conditioner used during the spa.  So take a look at what I did.  Let’s start at step #2, pre poo and detangle with the amazing curl popping conditioner. Here is how it went!!


First let me share the ingredients of each of the home remedy DIY  products:

 Curl Popping Conditioner  Bentonite Clay Wash
 Herbs- sage, rosemary, marshmallow root, onion skin, slippery elm.  Oils – coconut, olive and emulsifying wax.  The herbs were steeped ahead of time and once the wax  was melted,  the oil mixture was added to the herbal mixture under high agitation.  The result was glorious!! Bentonite clay, aloe juice, tea tree oil, ylang ylang essential oil. Everything was mixed in a plastic bottle until smooth! Easy peesy!




The photo barrage below shows all the steps I went thought to complete the process (minus the steaming of course!).

DSCF4386 DSCF4420DSCF4409DSCF4429DSCF4418DSCF4434

DSCF4443 DSCF4446

DSCF4449 DSCF4455 DSCF4472DSCF4465


I’m sad to say that after this home spa treatment the flakes and fungus returned in 3 days….Talk about disappointed!! The conditioner and clay wash is so great for moisture retention and defining my curls, I’ve kept up the routine and have gone back to suffering!

Stay tuned!  I’m going to refresh myself on all of the suggestions you gave and try more home remedies…time to roll up my sleeves again!

Before I close – any naturalistas out there using bentonite clay regularly? Please share your experience!

P.S. if you’re wondering why all the pictures are in black and white, I made a slight editing error and had to make lemonade…but I actually like the look!

Peace and love!

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2 thoughts on “YES! Scalp Fungus free for 5 days!

  1. I have this hair fungus too, have not been to dr.s about it because I do not want a medicine or a brush off (no pun intended) that it is just dandruff. It is bad, have you found anything that has worked? I have things i can try just not sure where to begin. I even went no shampoo for a month and thought it was getting better but then still once a week it would flair up. Any updates would be great!

    • Hey Kim! I’m learing that diet plays a.role in the.amount of dandruff/ fungus I have. Try eating.and drinking anti fungal things like: Garlic, aloe, greens of all kinds, and Apple cider vinegar. Also cut down on sugary foods and processed foods. This summer I’ve been using alot of aloe and I’ve seen a difference. Hope this helps!

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